A New Year’s Challenge for Writers

Happy-New-Year-2014-HD-Theme1Happy New Year!—Well, it is a bit early but just the same, I thought I’d take a moment and just throw down a challenge to my readers this week. Since 2016 is just around the corner, I’d like to know what are your writing goals for the coming year?

Writers Challenge # 1: Do you have a book, novel, short story you plan to publish? Announce your work to the world. Stop by either here at the blog or on my Twitter account and let us know when it’s out so we can pass along the good news!

My book, Crossroad in Time will be published early this year. I’ll let you know when it comes out. Continue reading A New Year’s Challenge for Writers

The Christmas Box and The Martian

xmaspresentChances are if you’re a writer you’re familiar with the story behind the successful book The Christmas Box. Richard Paul Evans, the author is said to have authored his book for his children. Originally self-published, the book became a local hit in Utah.

Needless to say, major publishing house caught wind of the book and Evans eventually received several million dollars in publishing rights. What began as a way for one writer to entertain his children became a successful writing career with over 20 million books in print. Continue reading The Christmas Box and The Martian

Night, by Elie Wiesel—A Review

Auschwitz_entranceNight tells the story of a young Jewish boy, Eliezer Wiesel, who lives in a small town in Romania. Set in a Europe at war, the story begins with a warning, ignored.

An older Jewish man is deported from Elie’s town for being a foreigner in 1941.  Moishe the Beadle escapes and returns with warnings of mass killings and other Nazi atrocities. He pounds on doors and pleads with the Jews of his village to believe his stories, all to no avail.

“Who can believe such tales,” they ask, “What kind of men would do such things?”

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7 Steps to Becoming a Daily Writer

writinghandIt’s the number one advice given to new writers. “If you want to be a writer, then write, and write every day.” Sound advice, and it makes sense, but…

As Jesus is said, “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” New writers want to write, but getting around to writing each and every day is fraught with peril and pitfalls. A writer will start the day with a set goal, resolved to write a magic number of words, then…

If you’re a writer or aspiring writer chances are good you know what I mean. Life gets in the way. And although you have every intention of getting 500, 1000, or more words onto the word processor—it just doesn’t happen.

How can you become a writer
if you don’t write daily?

Newsflash: Ain’t gonna happen

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